A critique of a couple of idiots’ viewpoint

I saw something on Twitter last night that I had to address.

Quite often you see something on Twitter that makes your eyes roll so far back into your head you can see your brain fluid. Most people just ignore it. Not me. I usually screenshot.

Thankfully I didn’t see the pictures you’re about to see, and these screenshots are from a friend of mine in Calgary. Otherwise I’d be sat with a locked Twitter account and a potential ban.

Sports fan has terrible life opinions. Quelle surprise, no? Well, randomer off the internet with no discernable human qualities, I’m here to tell you why you’re very wrong.

Disclaimer: I write this as a heterosexual male. If I get some of the terminology wrong, I apologise and please get in touch to tell me otherwise.

Let’s start with the first tweet.


  1. That’s a very sweeping statement there, isn’t it sunshine? Every single gay person is bad at every sport ever? I want to see proof. Written or audio/video. Your call. I’ll wait.
  2. Would you like to argue with the following members of the LGBTQ community?
    – Nicola Adams (Olympic gold medallist boxer)
    – Michael Sam (CFL defensive end)
    – Matthew Rush (professional bodybuilder)
    – Megan Rapinoe (World and Olympic champion footballer)
    – Sarah Vaillancourt (2-time Olympic champion hockey player)
    – Fallon Fox (MMA artist)
    – Keegan Hirst (rugby league prop forward)
    – Darren Young (WWE guy)
    Do you still fancy that argument?
  3. Do you think the ‘gays’ are inherently bad at sport? Do you think it’s because they’re gay? Is there an underlying cause, like they didn’t do as well in training and PE because they’re gay? Do you think all gays just don’t put the effort in? Again, show your working and we’ll talk.
  4. Calling out You Can Play is mighty brave. Maybe you should look them up.

If you’re not aware of You Can Play, here’s a brief introduction to them.

YCP are a project that says no matter who you are, if you can play, you can play. Simple as. Gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, whatever. If you can play, you can play. They have partnerships with the NHL, MLS, NWHL and the CWHL, amongst others. Teams such as the LA Galaxy, Cardiff Devils, Calgary Flames, New York Giants, University of Wisconsin, and even the noted tire fire that is the Chicago Blackhawks have done videos and nights in support of YCP.

So again, tell me how gays are bad at sports.


Well, this is just a bundle of hot mess all rolled into one isn’t it?

Maybe we can have a straight pride night when straight people stop demeaning the LGBTQ community and start having something to be proud of, eh?

And then we come to this.


Erm, no. I am enjoying watching the CWHL and the NWHL much more than I am the NHL, and more than I ever did the EIHL. Your “man’s game” doesn’t even come close to it.

It looks like You Can Play still have quite a bit of work left to do. Lets help them do it.


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