Puck it was formed by two friends who wanted to write about the side of hockey you don’t often see on other sites, be they blogs or news sites.

Liam McCausland ran a UK hockey fan site for 18 months until he departed, later joining Matchsticks and Gasoline and Stanley Cup of Chowder’s motorsport offshoot. Nowadays he screams into the void in various places around the internet.

Paul Wheeler used to commentate for the Coventry Blaze, as well as being a writer at his own UK hockey blog. He can currently be found on Stanley Cup of Chowder.

We are very keen to be a place for hockey fans to write things and get them into the public forum. We will write things ourselves, but also actively welcome submissions from anyone. There are some very simple rules to follow.

  • No sexism
  • No racism
  • No discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community
  • No ageism
  • No libel or slander

Sub-editing is available on request, and if requested we can also guarantee anonymity. Please put these requests in your email to us.

If you have a piece to submit, please attach your piece as a .doc or .docx Word document in an email and send it to puckitbloguk@gmail.com.


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