First UK Women’s Para Ice Hockey Training Camp Announced

Since our post about not being able to cover sledge hockey, we’ve learnt two things.

  1. Teams don’t want coverage. We see you following us, one un-named team. Get in touch.
  2. The sport isn’t even called sledge any more!

That’s right, the International Paralympic Committee has rebranded sledge hockey as para ice hockey. It makes sense, it’s ice hockey for the Paralympic movement.

And people want it to grow.

Continue reading “First UK Women’s Para Ice Hockey Training Camp Announced”


How the EIHL could learn so many lessons from British Wrestling

Picture: PROGRESS Wrestling, along with its contemporaries, are leading the way in how to grow a minority product and investing the future. Photo by Rob Brazier (

Previously, I stated on Twitter that we wouldn’t be covering British hockey again after the non-response from the EIHL over the homophobic comments from David Simms. But trust me, this isn’t going to put them in a positive light.

On the contrary, I’m about to show you why they are consistently stopping the growth of their own sport, and are being left behind by, of all things, professional wrestling. Continue reading “How the EIHL could learn so many lessons from British Wrestling”

Players You Need To Watch: Mark Garside (D) Belfast Giants

In the first fan submission on Puck it, Phil Armstrong writes about the joy he gets from watching one of his favourites in the Elite League.

This will be my first ever time writing about hockey – usually my ramblings are contained to forum posts, Twitter and other social media outlets. My interest in hockey started out as a causal fan, going with my family to Belfast Giants games, and I will admit it was the rougher side that drew me in – the fights, the hits – stuff I had never seen in any other sport. Continue reading “Players You Need To Watch: Mark Garside (D) Belfast Giants”

Hull Pirates – They Marrrrr In Trouble

The following piece was sent to us prior to the creation of the site, and prompted the idea of starting Puck It. The writer has asked to remain anonymous, and we respect their wish.

Hull Pirates sent shockwaves through the English Premier Ice Hockey League last week, with the dismissal of yet another promising young netminder. A netminder so promising that he was called up to cover Elite League injuries. A netminder with a .91 save percentage, adored by the fans, very much liked by his teammates. Continue reading “Hull Pirates – They Marrrrr In Trouble”

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